Vacuum induction melting and casting

MPC has extensive experience in melting different Fe-based alloys ranging from pure iron to stainless steel with addition of a wide range of alloying elements. In addition, numerous non-ferrous alloys amongst which Ni-, Cu-, Co- and Zr-based metals can be offered. The vacuum technology allows for precise alloying and extremely low oxygen content, avoiding oxide inclusions for high purity grades. Cast weights can very from around 30 kg up to 100 kg (Fe-base).

Induction melting and casting in air

The MPC air casting pilot is equipped with two furnaces: one 300 kg furnace and one 80 kg furnace. Its main application is situated in projects for the foundry sector, where it allows to provide support in alloy and process development as well as prototyping. The air casters are also suited for simulation of the thin strip casting process, where casting is immediately followed by hot rolling without intermediate cooling.

Small scale melting

High performance small scale cold crucible melting devices are available at MPC for flexible and quick processing of tailor-made alloys in low quantities. This equipment allows short lead times and reduced material cost, making it excellent tools for exploratory research.

To expand MPC’s ability to reach higher melting point and to broaden our offer especially in the field of refractory alloys, a new vacuum arc melter was installed. For small-scale casting operations, MPC now has a 1 kg & 50 g small-scale induction melter (levitation casting possible) and a 1000 A arc melter (suction casting possible).

Please contact us for more information about technical feasibilities.