Discrete rolling

The reversible hot and cold rolling stands at MPC allow rolling of sheets and heavy plates. In-line reheating furnaces, slab cutting device, roller tables and slab handling devices, cooling simulators and coiling furnaces are available in the vicinity of these rolling stands. The rolling stands are equipped with multiple temperature controls. Various cooling devices are available to cover a whole range of cooling rates after the hot rolling operation, going from air cooling to intermediate and high speed cooling processes.

Continuous rolling

A continuous hot rolling pilot line is available to study the complex interactions between the steel strip, rolls and the operating conditions on a larger scale with a moving hot strip. Besides studying the parameters of the thermomechanical process influencing the microstructure and properties (temperature, reduction, cooling), the rolling line offers the possibility to test process aspects (lubrication, work roll cooling, interstand cooling, strip chilling), new work roll grades and on-line sensors in a controlled hot rolling operation. The continuous hot rolling line consists of a decoiler integrated in a coil reheating furnace, an inductive heating section, two rolling stands, a dynamic cooling device and a coiler. Additionally modular cooling/ heating devices are at your disposal to control strip temperature.

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