Multipurpose Dynamic Annealing

The Multipurpose Dynamic Annealing (MDA) simulator is a very flexible and computer controlled tool to simulate the thermal process during continuous annealing or galvanising cycles on samples large enough for testing of mechanical properties, formability or welding properties. This modular equipment combines an infrared heating and a transverse flux induction heating system, multiple holding furnaces and air- and misting jet cooling sections. As such this highly flexible device allows to simulate a great variety of thermal cycles: low to high heating and cooling rates, possibility to accurately simulate multi-step cooling cycles, etc. Thanks to its large sample size, unrivaled specimen dimensions enable a wide range of tensile test specimen dimensions as well as samples for  the evaluation of other application properties such as formability, welding, etc.

Robotic thermal treatment

This efficient annealing set-up based on multiple isothermal baths (molten salt, water, oil, liquid zinc, etc.) allows for a low-cost but rapid determination of the process window and sensitivity of the annealing cycle of new or existing alloys. Typical metallurgical phenomena such as recrystallisation and phase transformation of metals can be studied by interrupted tests. Robotic transfer of the samples between the different units ensures reproducibility and safety. The sample size is appropriate to perform tensile test and microstructure analysis.

High temperature batch annealing

This high temperature batch annealing simulator allows for accurate simulation of long industrial annealing cycles with accurate computer control of the thermal cycle. Examples are decarburisation annealing, batch annealing simulation of steel, annealing under inert or reactive atmosphere (e.g. H2, NH3), etc.

Reactive annealing Process Simulator

The Reactive Annealing Process Simulator is a flexible simulation tool for optimising existing annealing treatments and for exploring new (continuous) annealing treatments where an accurate control of the gas-metal reactions is required both in inert as well as reactive atmosphere. The RAPS is a vertical chamber system, equipped with a sample loading and cooling station, an infrared furnace and a sample displacement unit. In combination with a mass flow controlled gas mixing station (for the process gasses H2/N2/CO/NH3/He), this type of simulator allows a wide variety of (continuous) annealing treatments.

Box furnace with protective atmosphere and controlled dew point

The box furnace has maximum working temperature of 1350°C and takes a load up to 30 kg. It is specially designed for loading / unloading at high temperature. Temperature uniformity is guaranteed at ± 10°C in the 800-1100°C range and ±5° above 1100°C. The furnace is connected to processing gasses N2 and O2 (dry and humidified) to ensure protective atmosphere. This enables the simulation of industrial processes. The gas humidifier controls the dew point in the range of +30°C up to +60°C. Data logging of temperature, dew point, gas flows and oxygen level is possible.

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